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Crane Rail Fixing Clips

Kingrail Parts self -locking crane rail clip is designed to align and firmly fix the rail. The elastic "nose" wizard is controlled to restrict excessive movement.


They aim to carry a very large force that can be applied to the rail. There are types that can be fixed with bolts and other types that can be welded.


We can provide two main types of clips, which varies from fixed clips

1. Weldable rail clip

2. Boltable rail clip


The choice between the bolted and welding clip is usually based on industry practices and preferences. The bolted clip connection is very economical and suitable for lighter applications, while the welding clip is strong and used for heavy industries.



1. Reduce bolt fatigue

2. Undertake the horizontal force of the crane wheels perpendicular to the rail

3. Eliminate the bolt loosening


Boltable rail Clips

Weldable rail Clips


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