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Crane Hooks

Crane Hooks


Kingrail Parts is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. This long -term promise of quality is reflected in our crane hook series. With its excellent function and continuous improvement performance, our crane hook is one of the most widely used hooks in the industry. Constantly innovation to improve our hook.


This is why Kingrail Parts became the leader of the crane hook production industry.


Design factors:

All Kingrail Parts hooks meet the requirements of design factors. Their cross -section design allows deformation and straight before the product overloads.


Exercise and recovery:

The thermal treatment process can maximize the performance of steel. It makes the material hard and helps reduce the risk of disaster failure. Our quality adjustment process further improves customer satisfaction. This provides our hooks with four major performance characteristics that are crucial in high -altitude.


Work load limit: the product can withstand the maximum strength

Extension: The ability of the product to deform when overloaded. Deformation warns to the user before the disaster failure or hook break.

Anti -fatigue: The ability of the product to withstand load repeated use

Toughness: Material resistance to broken ability


Special stick forging steel:

Customers are also confident in our crane hooks, because they are made of special rods for forging high -quality steel. This steel has a specific cleanliness requirements and guarantees quenchability.


Materials Analysis:

All crane hooks and other products are verified in our laboratory with complete equipment. This makes customers confident that the crane hooks they purchase are analyzed from steel mills throughout the manufacturing process.


Deformation indicator:

These are two strategic marks forging on the hook. This allows users to determine whether it has undergone deformation by measuring, and is an indicator that is linked to overload, abuse, and whether it is necessary to stop using.


Angle indicator:

These are also two marks forged on the hook, showing the angle allowed between the two hanging legs, and provided the opportunity to be close to the angle between the two hanging legs.


Forge letter code:

This raised letter code gives three important information about hooks:


Work load limit: This is forged in the hook body.

Steel type: code identifies the type of steel for making hooks.

A = alloy

C = carbon

The size of the forging framework: This makes it easier for the choice of the lock. By matching the hook frame size with the lock information, you can easily determine the appropriate lock.

Pic code

PIC code is forged into each hook, which can be used to maintain strict material control -from steel mill to material characteristics verification, and the entire manufacturing process.


The Kingrail Parts product with a PIC code provides product users with additional benefits to guarantee and confidence. It guarantees that the hooks you buy are as reliable as possible, because it is provided by a company that enjoys a good reputation in terms of consistent and excellent quality. It also shows a company willing to print its own name and PIC code on each product.


Application information:

We provide detailed application information to help customers choose and use crane hooks correctly. This includes a formal application warning system:


1. Attraction of users

2. Inform the user task that the factors involved

3. Inform users of the correct application required.


Features of 320N eye hooks:

1. Mutual lock hook tip

2. Durable latch (can be easily locking easily)

3. The rated for wire rope and chain

4. 5: 1 design coefficient


Hook certification includes:

American Bureau of Shipping

Lloyds Register of Shipping

Norwegian Class Society

American Petroleum Institute


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