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Rail A65 DIN 536

Rail A65 DIN 536


Kingrail Parts can provide DIN 536 A65 rail.


Mechanical properties

Standard Length 12.00 m
Elongation (%) min 8 %
Calculated Mass Carbon 0.60 – 0.80
Calculated Tensile Strength (min) N/mm2 880
Calculate Yield Point (min) N/mm2 440
Moment of Inertia: lx 319.0 cm4
Moment of Inertia: ly 608.0 cm4
Section Modulus – Foot 105.3 cm3
Section Modulus – Head 71.4 cm3
Area 54.9 cm2
Calculated Mass 43.1 kg/m

Chemical composition

Carbon (%) 0.60 – 0.80
Silicon (%) < 0.50
Manganese (%) 0.80 – 1.30
Phosphorous (%) < 0.045
Sulphur (%) < 0.045


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