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Crane Rail Runway Beam

1. Top Running Crane Runway

The top of the running crane runway system is usually used for the top single beam crane and the top double beam cranes. In addition, some special crane systems are also designed to use the runway system to use the top running. Generally, this runway style usually uses the ASCE rail or square rod fixed at the top of the structural beam as the running surface of the top running crane. There are many support rails for the top running crane runway systems. Supporting the top beam (connected to the side of the building column) or using an freestanding structure is the most common method to support the top runway runway at the top.


2. Under Hung Crane Runway

The Under hung crane runway system is used to install the under hung single beam crane and the under hung double girder cranes. In addition, most professional crane systems can also use the hanging rail. Different from the top running runway, the under hung runway beams usually use the patented rail as the operating surface. Alternatively, the structural beam can also be used as a running surface. Kingrail Parts recommends that all customers use patented rail instead of structural work beams as running surfaces. Similar to the top crane running runway , the under hung crane runway can be installed/suspended in various ways. For example, you can use an freestanding structure system, or you can directly install the runway to the bottom of the building structure (if the building design allows additional loads). Alternatively, the hanger rods can be used to suspend under hung runway of the existing structure to adjust the height of the runway.


Structural steel for crane runway

1. Freestanding

The freestanding structure is supported by the floor and can be designed almost anywhere. These systems can be designed for top running and under hung runways, and monorail and closed rail systems. If the building structure cannot support the additional load of heavy machines, an freestanding structure steel system is usually used. The design of these freestanding systems does not use any support. freestanding systems can also be designed to support column support (knee support structure) supporting on the floor or support (semi -freestanding structure) connected to the building structure. Both the knee braced runway and the semi-freestanding runway reduce the use of steel, making it a more cost -effective system. In most freestanding structures,


2. Ceiling Mounted

In the building structure used to withstand the additional force of the overhead cranes, the ceiling can be used to install the structure/runway. These systems are usually suitable for suspension crane systems with a weight of 5 tons or below. The ceiling installation structure is very suitable for keeping the workshop space without pillars, and it can have a larger hook coverage than the freestanding system.


3. Structural steel

Kingrail Parts can design, design and manufacture customized crane runway systems and support structure steel to meet the needs of each customer. Kingrail Parts also allows our runway and structural system to stamp the professional engineers licensed by the National Professional Engineers Association.


Our prefabricated steel system can include but not limited to:

1). The Headers, hangers, beams and truss reinforcement of the hanging system

2). Haunches and runway beams for top running systems

3). The freestanding structure of the top running and underhung cranes

4). General support steel for overhead material handling equipment

5). Reform the existing steel structure

6). Platform, catwalks, structural braces, railing, safety protection device, etc.


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