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Crane Rail Wheels

Crane Rail Wheels


Crane Wheel

Overhead crane wheels need to be replaced due to flange wear, flange breakage, and mechanical overloading characterized by pitting and spalling. Each of these uses must be carefully considered before choosing a combination of wheel design, material selection, hardness mode and heat treatment technique.


That's why every Kingrail Parts hardened steel crane wheel is specially designed and heat treated for maximum resistance to destructive forces in heavy industrial applications.


Crane Wheel Features:

1. Made of fine grained, fully sedated, vacuum degassed forged medium carbon steel

2. Heat treated using our in-house process to provide uniform profile hardness on the tread and inner flange wear surfaces while maintaining a ductile core to resist shock loads

3. Resists flange breakage or abrasion

4. Designed to resist pitting and spalling


Crane Wheel Advantage:

1. Reduce maintenance costs for wheels and wheel assemblies

2. Improve the service life of rail track

3. Provides 40% more load capacity than rim reinforced wheels

4. Delivery within 6-8 weeks, reduce when needed


Crane Wheel Application:

1. Overhead Crane

2. Gantry cranes and gantry cranes

3. Transfer Vehicle


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