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Crane Rail Wheel Assembly

Crane wheels are essential crane spare parts to help cranes run on rails. With advanced technology, the crane rail wheels produced by Kingrail Parts have been successfully used in heavy-duty vein carts in different industries such as steel mills, rolling mills, cement plants, fertilizer plants, paper mills, chemical industries, etc.


Application: Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Transfer Car, Trolley, Flat Car, etc.


Crane Rail Wheel Specifications:

cast steel, 60#,65 # , 65Mn, 42CrMoA,etc
diameter from 0  to ≤1450mm  
AAR M-107, UIC 811-1, EN13261, GOST 31334, IRIS 16/95, KSR 9220, BS 5892, JIS E4502, TB/T 2945
5 Process   Forged & Casting Rail Wheels
Chemical analysis, Metallographic, Mechnical analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic testing, Impact testing, Hardness testing,
Surface quality and dimension report
Usually 4 pieces of wheel shall be packed as one package and be transported via container. The wheels will be coated


1. Constructed from fine gain, fully sedated, vacuum degassed forged medium carbon steel

2. Heat treated using our in-house process to provide uniform profile hardness on the tread and inner flange wear surfaces while maintaining a ductile core to resist shock loads

3. Resists flange breakage or wear, thereby increasing the life of the crane rail.

4. Designed to resist pitting and spalling

5. Reduce maintenance costs of wheels and wheel assemblies.

6. Provides 40% more load capacity than rim toughened wheels


Crane Rail Wheel Manufacturing Process:

Billet Steel Review Cutting Heating Forging Heat Treatment Sampling Test Rough Machining Semi-Finish Machining Finish MachiningHardness testStatic unbalance test Ultrasonic Inspection Magnetic Particle Testing Packing


Crane Rail Wheel Tests:

1. Electronic Material Testing Machine 2. Instrumented Impact Testing Machine 3. Brinell Hardness Machine 4. SEM and Spectrometer 5. Metallurgical Microscope 6. Spark Source Atomic Emission Spectrometer 7. Infrared Carton and Sulfur Analyzer 8. X Fluorescent Spectrometer 9. Electro-hydraulic Servo Material Testing Machine 10. Metallurgical Microscope

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