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Crane Rail Beam

Crane Rail Beam


In the standard supply, we produce a 50 X 30 mm beam with rail size, which are fixed through intermittent welding.

1. All fixed components, cleats and fasteners

2. Standard trim: Shooting Blast Sa 2.5 and Shop Primer 80 microns

3. Static calculations and erectile drawings



1. Heavy duty rail

2. Laminated rails to replace heavy machine crane rails

3. Continuous welding of the crane rail to the crane beam

4. The end stops, excluding rubber buffer

5. Final paint



1. Perfect integration

2. Optimization of bay spacing and crane beam span

3. The single source supply of crane beams and buildings

4. Integrated design of the crane rail beam in the building



Standard crane capacity: <15 tons

Standard crane span: <25M

Category: H2, B3 (according to DIN); France's second group (follow CITM)

The span of the beam: from the bay spacing of 6 to 9m, the capacity of 12.5 tons is 12.5 tons

By adding a pad to retain the design integrity of the beam, each crane beam or a crane with several cranes

Types of crane: i (single beam) and II (double beam)

Hoisting tool: hook


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